‘Mission Possible’: A Gender and Media Advocacy Training Toolkit

Mission Possible: Gender and Media Advocacy Training Toolkit was developed following GMMP 2005 as a tool to build civil society capacity to lobby for gender-fair, gender-balanced media.

Comprehensive guide

The toolkit is available in two versions. The first is a comprehensive guide to media advocacy in French, English and Spanish.The comprehensive version presents the materials in two sections of several chapters each. Section One entitled ‘Putting gender on the media’s agenda’ discusses the theory on gender and media advocacy. Section Two on ‘Building gender and media campaigns’ is practical, from how to transform media through policy to how to get the issue on the media’s agenda.

Download the complete toolkit

(584 kB)          (750 kB)        (573 kB)

Training modules

The second is an easy-to-use modular format. The modular version of the toolkit is designed to be flexible to enable facilitators and trainees select the modules that respond to specific advocacy training needs.

Download the modules

Toolkit Introduction (113.74 kB)
Module 1PDF(158.92 kB): A new agenda for ‘Who makes the news’: Why focus on the media?
Module 2 PDF (161.03 kB):Why should gender be an issue for the media? What is ‘gender and media’ advocacy?
Module 3 PDF (137.51 kB): Who are the target audiences for ‘gender and media’ advocacy?
Module 4 PDF (132.06 kB):Applying media monitoring results to ‘gender and media’ advocacy
Module 5 PDF (149.62 kB): How to gather evidence to support advocacy
Module 6 PDF (156.82 kB): How to develop an advocacy campaign
Module 7 PDF (171.75 kB): How to create the right message for the right audience
Module 8 PDF (207.09 kB): How to transform the media through policy
Module 9 PDF (166.18 kB):How to get the issue on the media’s agenda
Module 10 PDF (91.48 kB): How to monitor and evaluate advocacy work
Module 11 PDF (127.80 kB): Definitions and pointers in gender and media advocac

Five useful “how-to” sheets in .doc (MS Word) format:

Give a Good Interview (33 kB)
Organize a Press Conference  (27.50 kB)
Prepare a Media Event  (25.00 kB)
Produce a Backgrounder   (23.00 kB)
Write a Press Release   (35.00 kB) 

Gender inequality in news subjects and sources

What percentage of the persons heard, read about or seen in the news are women?


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